Top Line Leads

Give your prospects the attention they deserve.

For all the time and money you spend driving traffic to your property websites, only 2% of new visitors will "convert" by filling out a Guest Card.

The other 98%? They leave, never to be seen or heard from again.

But this overwhelming majority isn't leaving because they don't WANT to lease from you. It's usually because they aren't READY to sign on the dotted line... just yet.


What if you could reach that 98%?

What if you could deliver the information they are looking for
EXACTLY when they need it based on when they're looking to move?

You can.

Top Line Leads

With Top Line Leads, we help your community:

  • stay in front of interested apartment hunters,
  • build relationships and trust,
  • and turn prospects into qualified leases

through an automated email sequence, fully-customized to your lead's move-in schedule.




Turn more visitors into prospects, leads, and residents.

Most websites fail to capitalize on the majority of their traffic. Don’t miss out on visitors who are just beginning their apartment search, and not quite ready to sign a lease. These visitors have potential to convert to leads down the line...if you can stay in front of them.

Establish a relationship now, and reach out over time with strategic messaging to ensure your community will be top of mind when it comes time to make a leasing decision.

Be relevant when you need to.

We know the apartment renter's mindset. (Heck, we even wrote the book on it.)

Through extensive research and surveys, we know what questions prospects have and - more importantly - know when to deliver it to answer them to keep prospects moving toward signing the lease.

Top Line Leads helps you stay in front of visitors at every stage of the sales cycle. We deliver customized messages following a strategic timeline, all based on the prospect’s desired move-in date.

Lighten the load.

Community managers have a lot on their plates: collecting rent, fulfilling maintenance requests, answering incoming phone calls, monitoring and interacting on social media platforms, and more...

Following up with each new lead may be manageable, but asking community managers to touch base with prospects 20+ times over the course of a few months simply isn't scalable or cost effective.

Our solution? Automate these critical touch points while maintaining personalized contact throughout the lead lifecycle. The result? Happier community managers that can focus on what is most important: closing the lease.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Entirely automated email campaigns, from a single dashboard.

Keep tabs on new leads and monitor their subscription status.

Compare campaigns and optimize them in real-time.

Follow each prospect to find out which emails they've opened.

Determine which leads are hot - and which need a bump.

Forecast outcomes and track conversions back to their source.

See It In Action

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